Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Beat Goes On...Sleazy Scammer Shannon Nelson Keeps The Fraud Case Train Rollin'

LEFT: American Senior Benefits' Grand Gangsta Poobah Shannon Nelson,
quivering in his lair

Shannon Nelson and his merry gang of thieves are still wrangling with Bankers Life over settlement of the fraud and breach of contract suit filed on April 26, 2011 (happy belated birthday, lawsuit!).  A May 29, 2012 docket entry in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois shows the Honorable Judge Geraldine Soat Brown has continued the case to June 12, 2012 at 9:45 a.m. If a consent judgment is submitted in advance of that date, no one needs to appear on June 12.

Translated, that means while settlement talks continue, no final agreement has yet been reached between Shannon Nelson, his merry band of thieves and Bankers Life.

In the meantime, our boy Shannon is looking for you, Traverse City area jobless. Here's the ad Nelson is running on Indeed.com:

Sales Representative

About the Job

American Senior Benefits  is looking to expand our office in northern Michigan.​ We are a Top 5 branch in the U.​S.​, with over 60 yrs of experience in the local office.​ This is a professional environment so we are looking for applicants with strong work ethics, good core values, integrity and some college.​ We are offering a base pay plus commission with an average first year of 45k to 50k.​  If you are qualified and looking for a career opportunity and not just a job, please contact our local office at  231-421-8331 opt.​ 3.​

So, if you've taken the hook and swallowed it, then you might be perfect for ASB.  But if you're a little bit smarter than the average bear, you can read between the lines.  Here's a comment from someone posting under the name "Speak Your Peace" on complaintsboard.com (wonder which ASB stoogette wrote this?).  My comments are in red:

Neither of you have any idea what you are talking about. (No they don't know half of what's happened!) It's true that most of our team started at Bankers, but it didn't take long to realize that one product line with a lower A.M. Best rating would not be in the best interest of the clients, mostly senior citizens. (We skulked out of Bankers under cover of darkness after the suits raided the place and were ready to give us the old heave ho!) There is nothing at all similar between Bankers Life and ASB. (Nothing, nothing I tell you.  Except that seventeen people who worked at Bankers now populate the office of ASB, and all seventeen are named in a fraud lawsuit. Small detail, that.) At ASB, we have over 50+ A rated insurance companies that we can help seniors with. Ryan and Shannon are both good managers and good people. (Sure, they're both good people. Why don't you ask Shannon about Margaret Zimmerman?) You are only hurting yourself by not interviewing. Go see for yourself, don't take some disgruntled agents word for it. (Hey, is there such a thing as a "gruntled" agent?) What do you have to lose? You are unemployed, have the opportunity to help people rather than "scam" them as you say, and make a living at something worthwhile. You could continue to sit at home and keep judging people you know nothing about though, that will pay your bills nicely. The choice is yours.

Wow! That's breathtaking in its hypocrisy...can't wait until they get to the part about "downloading Bankers Life's proprietary client and marketing databases".

Profile Picture

Stay away, folks!  Although that warning is may be late too help ASB newbie Cinnamon Finnerty (above), you don't need these headaches.


  1. Wow! That is beautifully fantasmic information... and a nice smug photo of the beast himself. When Maggie Zimmerman gets out of the big grey-bar hotel she's going to become the new ASB recruiter for Shannon.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad that people are reading and reacting to what appears on this blog. Yes, the Ponzi schemer herself Ms. Zimmerman might be looking for a gig chiseling seniors. She can join Sonya Lee Mahaney Vandekerkhof--I hear she's looking for something to do.

    And nice to see that you've named yourself after the canned CEO of Bankers Life.

    Any insight is appreciated.