Saturday, May 5, 2012

American Senior Benefits: Twitter Analysis

Just discovered the Twitter handles for the ASB crew. Funny thing is, most of them don't show a picture, just that little egg thingy.

Here's a list of the names with links to their Twitter accounts. Check them out and read the bragging about sales and commissions.  These people are too much! Check out this one from Ryan Kashmerick:

It's a great day to help seniors - sell early & often. Start off the day as if it's in purpose! S&H

Here are the links:

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  1. Very interesting. It's such a strange thing, really, because members of a cult typically shun community relationships and agressively avoid any interaction outside of their nest unless they are trying to recruit. So, for the members of the Shannon Nelson/ASB cult to be actively utilizing a form of social media can only be explained as being a result of their collective ignorance, or by the fact that the ego-driven, superficial nature of this particular hoard of thieves dulls the anti-social charactaristic seen in most cults.