Friday, July 21, 2017


Scrubbing clean the online presence of his Narconon-based treatment centers, Michigan's Per Wickstrom proves he's going to work hard to pay for all those GMEN Revocable Trust-owned homes!

With an obvious attempt to pluck at the heartstrings, Wickstrom claims he began his walk down the road to ruin at the tender age of nine years when he was dosed with Ritalin...or was it at 13-years-old when he was introduced to alcohol and watched his dad come every day and drink every day after work?

Wait, it may have been when he was 17-years-old and sold Mexican black velvet oil paintings around the country after being kicked out of his house for smoking weed?

Looks like Wickstrom forgot about truthaboutperwickstrom.com, which is not a parody site.

Scroll down and see how he described himself on that site.

Here it is!

At a young age, Per Wickstrom found himself without the proper coping skills to deal with the stressors of life. As such, he turned to alcohol to soothe his painful feelings and insecurities. Eventually, this alcohol use opened the door to drug abuse. Whether he experienced a problem loved ones, money, or relationships, Per’s struggle with substance abuse continued for over twenty years. 

Despite attempts at recovery in several treatment facilities, Per Wickstrom could not achieve long-term success. Eventually, drugs controlled every aspect of his life; he no longer enjoyed things he once loved and his relationships with friends and family were failing. To Per, this was rock bottom, and he made the choice to fight for his sobriety. 

Luckily, Per found Narconon, a treatment program that helped him understand the root causes of his addictive behaviors. Additionally, he learned to properly cope with his problems, instead of running away from them. Upon graduation, Per had not only overcome his physical addiction to drugs, he had also gained the life skills he needed to successfully reintegrate into society. 

At this time, Per Wickstrom decided to dedicate his life to helping others who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Instead of going back to selling cars, he used his professional skills, along with his passion for addiction recovery, to create his own treatment curriculum. Through his life experiences, Per learned that overcoming substance abuse is a challenge, so he focused his efforts on helping others find the drug-free life they desire. 

His unique program concentrations on empowerment of addicts. By learning to take control of their lives and take responsibility for their actions, Per believes that addicts can achieve long-term recovery. His holistic approach helps to treat the whole person, so addicts can overcome the physical dependence on drugs, as well as the mental and spiritual challenges they may face. Because each person’s journey is different, Per’s approach is fully customizable and includes unique options such as art and music therapy. Through his hard work and dedication, Per Wickstrom and his team are now operating several successful treatment facilities, and have seen countless graduates move on to live meaningful lives.” 

Yeah, and Per Wickstrom stuffed $100,000 down the gaping maw of the Trump inauguration committee.

Looks like Wickstrom might get a return on his money!

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