Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! Steven Ingersoll Pays Off Building Code Violation Fine One Day After Miss Fortune Blows The Deadbeat Whistle! And Speaking Of Deadbeats...What About That Amex Card?

One day after I revealed Steven Ingersoll's bench warrant, the convicted felon sauntered over to Bay County's court facility on Washington Avenue and paid off an outstanding $120.00 building code violation fine. The warrant was recalled after Ingersoll paid the March 16, 2016 judgment.

But Steven Ingersoll isn't the only deadbeat in his Center Avenue household.

Deborah Ingersoll entered a not guilty plea in April 2014 when she was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit fraud. The charge was later dismissed.

Bay County court records reveal Deborah, a conspicuous courtroom clothes horse, was slapped with a $15,043.39 judgment on August 31, 2016 by American Express Bank. Served with a summons on April 15, 2016, Deborah Ingersoll failed to make payments as required by her credit card agreement.

On October 20, a “non-periodic garnishment” was issued, which allowed American Express to seize the money Deborah Ingersoll owed directly from her bank account.

The one-time recovery seizure netted American Express only $47.23.

By my calculation, that leaves $14,996.16 still outstanding.

Time for a yard sale!


  1. Thank you again, Miss Fortune, for all the work and research you have done and continue to do. The American tax-paying public applauds you!
    Surprised that Ingersoll didn't have bigger fines to pay the City of Bay City. And as for Mrs. Ingersoll, let's hope American Express can get some more money that she owes them.

  2. Somebody needs to find the accounts where they have their money stashed. 'Cause you sure as hell know they have bundles stashed in various places.

    1. Ain't that the truth! And hope all the people and companies that they've screwed over the years (decades!) can get some of what they're owed. Hope those school employees (and former ones who were vested after three years)from Ingersoll's GTA and BCA can get some /all of their monies back...the money he raided from their 401Ks. The should be investigated by the State and Feds. Heck, there's so much that can keep the government (federal, state and local) busy investigating both of the Ingersolls. Their names will go down in infamy.

  3. Crooks! Crooks! Crooks! He can not go to prison soon enough. I used to respect Judge Ludington; but, I am beginning to doubt he can be objective handling this case. His tush should have been in jail months ago. How long after conviction has it been? Seems like it has been a couple of years.

    1. It will be approximately 21 months since Ingersoll was convicted. It does seem like forever, but the good news is that the next week should go by very fast!