Tuesday, January 5, 2016

AH, BAY CITY ACADEMY...YOUR DEFICIT ELIMINATION PLAN MUST ELIMINATE THE DEFICIT! Michigan Department Of Education Clarifies Definition Of "DEP", Gives Bay City Academy Until January 20 To Get It Right!

The Michigan Department of Education's office of State Aid and School Finance confirmed exclusively to Miss Fortune this afternoon that it sent an email today to Brian Lynch and Mike Randel (of Mitten Educational Management) clarifying that the Bay City Academy's deficit elimination plan has to do just that...eliminate the quaking charter school's $1.3 million dollar deficit!

And because the geniuses at Mitten Management ignored the obvious intent of the DEP when they submitted a plan on December 22, 2015, the Michigan Department of Education gave the hapless duo until January 20th to complete the revision.

Somebody up there really likes them!


  1. I wonder what Lynch will try next just a bunch of stall tactics. It is pretty plain and simple, deficit elimination plan break it down Lynch take each word one at a time, draw a picture of each word on a piece of paper then maybe you will understand. The state shouldn't be giving them yet another extension on this deadline. Stop letting them pull your strings or you will be examined to find legitimacy. Time to clean all the rats out of the buildings!

  2. After receiving the email from the state, Brian Lynch was last seen beating on what appeared to be an immobile horse and screaming, "GET BACK UP, DAMN IT!"

    1. Let me guess...was its name Trigger?

    2. I'm really hoping some good news can come out of this, like the MDE finally pulls the plug on this failure of a school and it's closed soon.