Saturday, September 19, 2015

FAILORINA: Will Carly Go From the C-Suite To The Oval Office? Nah!

The Republican nominee who adds Carly Fiorina to his ticket as Vice President better hire a food taster. 

Of course she was lying like a knotted silk rug, but it wasn't the content of what she said, it was her manner.  My impressive B. S. degree in Political Science from Eastern Michigan University combined with my New York City business experience confirms once again that appearances matter more than truth or reality in the C-Suite and high-level national politics. 

Like many others (Ted Cruz, are you listening?), Fiorina demonstrated that she will say anything necessary to advance, and knows that as long as it is delivered convincingly, most people will believe her. Most humans base their judgements on facial/verbal cues, tones etc, rather than an analytical understanding of the issues at hand.

Fiorina reminds me of my Catholic grade school principal, Sister Ferdinand, who usually looked like she was preparing to cane a small child. 

Self-confidence and grooming are what pass for leadership in much of this country.

Me, I'll take Bernie in a rumpled shirt over a field full of CEOs (and wannabe Vice Presidents) dressed in their custom suits...and Manolo Blahnik heels.

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