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Thursday, December 8, 2016

PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE: Two Pseudonyms Versus 40+ LLCs

You knew it would happen: a writer responding to a comment I'd written regarding an online magazine education story just went full-on Trump.

Lacking the outer-borough brio of New York City's King of Fifth Avenue, the response was attributed to (wait for it!) Steven Ingersoll.

Shouldn't that dude be doing something important...like organizing his sock drawer?

And I'll happily stack my two pseudonyms against his 40+ LLCs!

Here's a partial list:

Banks Front Door LLC 
Carlisle House LLC 
Excel Institute, L. L. C. 
Farragut Schoolhouse, LLC 
Ispecs Factory LLC 
Ispecs Online, LLC 
Madison Arts L. L. C. 
Perry House, LLC Smart Schools Management of Bay City, LLC 
Smart Schools North, LLC 
Webster House B&B, LLC 
Webster House of Bay City, L. L. C. 
Front Porch Renaissance Group, LLC 
Front Porch Renaissance Builders, LLC 
Banks Front Door LLC 
Old Y, LLC 
Excel Center of Grandville, L. L. C. 
North Central Arts LLC 
Turner House LLC 
Wolverine Arts LLC 
Wolverine Guild LLC Those Guys Consulting LLC 
Historic Arlington Hotel LLC 
Swarts Tower, LLC 
Eddy House, LLC 
DMI Interiors , LLC 
Northern Educational Properties, LLC 
Bay City Renaissance, LLC 
Lind Studio, LLC 
Keith House, LLC 
Jefferson Block, LLC 
Sanford Green House, LLC 
Odd Fellows Hall, LLC 
Oddfellows, LLC 
909 Sixth Street, LLC 
620 Grant Street, LLC 
616 Grant Street, LLC 
606 Grant Street, LLC   
1515 Sixth Street, LLC 

And no, I don't have union handlers (my favorite handlers have been non-union), and I don't have Steve Bannon on speed dial.


  1. Store-bought rats? Really? How does Embezzlin' Steve know the difference?

    And of course he's completely innocent of all of those things he was convicted for doing. The 15th can't get here fast enough.

  2. What a bunch of lies Steve Ingersoll! You have one narcissistic delusional egocentric image of yourself. I read what you think you have accomplished in your life, but reality is everything you touch you abuse, use, manipulate and destroy. You are a fake and it is time for you to pay for your deplorable actions. It's time to pay the piper and get your ass in jail.

  3. Narcissistic and egocentric are understatements when we describe Ingersoll.