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CHOICES RECOVERY SOUTH BEND: Scientologist Per Wickstrom Gets Approval To Open South Bend Facility; Wickstrom Formerly Sought Approval Under "Tranquility Detox" Name. Another "Stealth" Narconon Facility?

"Purr" Wickstrom
How do you get a Notre Dame grad off your porch?

Pay him for the pizza, and tell him to leave South Bend!

Although Indiana locals often refer to South Bend as a town in "Michiana" where fun goes to die, Best Drug Rehabilitation's Per Wickstrom may disagree.

Miss Fortune has learned Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction conditionally certified Wickstrom's much anticipated South Bend facility, now called “Choices Recovery,” for one year, (effective November 1, 2014), as an Addiction Services Regular Provider. 

Indiana's approval is conditional upon Choices Recovery receiving accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

A spokesperson confirmed in an email to Miss Fortune that Choices Recovery has applied for CARF accreditation but has not received it yet.


Wickstrom initially applied for Indiana approval in early 2013 under the name "Tranquility Detox", seeking a license for the facility located at 3606 E. Jefferson Boulevard in South Bend.

Although the application process stalled and eventually went off the rails, it didn't prevent Wickstrom from bragging in a series of videos nearly a year ago that he'd "just opened up" in South Bend.

After his deception was revealed on this blog, Wickstrom quickly edited the video and removed his South Bend comment.


Wickstrom is one of 82 named defendants in a massive trademark violation lawsuit filed on May 16 in US District Court in Oklahoma's Eastern District by the National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. (NAFC) and the American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors, Inc. (AACFC).

According to court documents, the case "emanates from Defendants’ theft of Plaintiffs’ logos, trademarks, certifications and established business reputation in order to bait vulnerable victims into the Scientology religion."

NAFC and AACFC operate a certification board for forensic counselors, and have established a series of standards, skills, training and competencies required for professionals working with criminal offenders in addictions to enhance the delivery of safe and effective treatment.

This lawsuit involves the misappropriation and misuse of  logos, trademarks, certifications, and established business reputation by  the defendants for the purposes of marketing Narconon programs for profits and promoting the Church of Scientology.

Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. was added to the complaint based upon its "specific role as a player in the conspiracy to utilize Plaintiffs’ logos, trademarks, certifications, and established business reputation to attract individuals into the Narconon Network and, consequently, the Church of Scientology."

A recent response filed by the NAFC in the case reserves some of its harshest language for Per Wickstrom. The document accuses Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation of operating "a confusing scheme of corporations in an attempt to launder their ties to Narconon, the Church of Scientology and the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s technologies."

It goes on to state that despite Best Drug Rehabilitation's "self-serving affidavit attempting to claim otherwise", Best Drug cannot escape the reality of its ties to Narconon.

On one side of the mouth, Best Drug makes the statement that it “is not operating as part of any Narconon Network run by Narconon International.” However, the same paragraph contradicts its self-serving statement when Best Drug admits its use of the Narconon materials.

Best Drug claims to operate through a separate corporation named
My Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc., which licenses training materials called “Narconon Book 1” from Narconon International, and then utilizes Best Drug’s facilities to teach classes using the Narconon training.

Best Drug Rehabilitation's founder, Per Wickstrom, posted a series of videos on Best Drug’s official YouTube channel which contradict an affidavit attached to its motion to dismiss.

And here's where it gets funny—the NAFC's response featured the unintentionally hilarious  "Purr" Wickstrom video

In addition to being called "Purr" instead of "Per" by interviewer Ingrid Kelley, Wickstrom demonstrates a singular mix of petulance and defiance that hasn't been seen on screen since Pee-Wee Herman (before the weight gain), claiming that his "personal beliefs have nothing to do with the beliefs that I teach at my rehabilitation centers."

Kelley had deftly set it up, telling Wickstrom that there are "some reports about you being a Scientologist, and actually using your centers as recruitment tools. Would you like to respond to those allegations?"

He pauses and continues: "I am a Scientologist. What religion are you?"


Although South Bend is another one of those declining Rust Belt cities of the Great Lakes region, it is the cultural, commercial and transportation center of the Michiana region.

South Bend lies in a strategic area of the Midwest and is a little over two hours from Chicago and roughly three hours from Detroit. 

Choices Recovery, Inc. was incorporated in Nevada on April 24, 2014, using Wickstrom's Battle Creek corporation address: 121 Capital Avenue NE.

The documents reveal Lisa Herzog is the corporation's President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.

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