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Friday, September 5, 2014

PUSSYFOOTIN' WITH "PURR": Per Wickstrom's New Stealth Referral Site

Per Wickstrom's launched another sneaky way to get his paws into your wallet!

Wickstrom, CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation and one of 82 named defendants in the NAFC's massive trademark violation lawsuit against Narconon International and the Church of Scientology, recently launched yet another stealth addiction treatment referral service: LiveToBeSober.com.

Wickstrom’s PR efforts describe the site as a “no-cost 24/7 confidential referral service where trained counselors provide guidance, advice and program information to people who want to help a loved one win their battle against drug or alcohol addiction.”

(The sound you just heard was the snort coming from my surgically-altered nose!)

On July 31, Wickstrom announced that LiveToBeSober.com had entered into a “sponsorship partnership” with country singer Jared Blake. As part of the sponsorship, Blake has created an intimate acoustic break within his high-energy show, where he sits alone on stage and talks to audiences about his personal struggles, and most importantly, about winning back his life – and how others can, too.

Oh, and mentions his “sponsorship partnership” with Per Wickstrom’s LiveToBeSober.com

“I play songs that I've written about those times in my life, and connect my story with my fans in a way that I have never done before,” Blake stated in the July 31 press release. “I am grateful in many ways for Live To Be Sober being a part of this show. This is the most rewarding kind of sponsorship I could have. The whole reason I got sober was so that I could live, and the mission of Live To Be Sober is near and dear to my personal goals. I would not be here today if it were not for people continuing to spread the word about getting help.”

Well, spread something!

Hey, and speaking of “spreading something”, here he is—“Purr” Wickstrom!

“The first thing that that people discover about Jared is that, unlike a lot of folks in the music and entertainment world, he’s the real deal,” Wickstrom commented in the press release. “Raised between the Bible and the belt, he’s never lost touch with his small town roots or surrendered his faith -- no matter how bleak things became. His story is an inspiration, and together we hope to spread awareness that with the right attitude, the right treatment and the right support, overcoming addiction and living sober can really happen!”

And, with “Purr” being Per, don’t think he hasn’t already ‘gone and done it’, to borrow a phrase from Shania Twain.

Enlisting his business partner/friend/twinkly-publicity-lure Herman Moore, Wickstrom and the former Detroit Lion were recently joined by Sean Jordan at a Monroe High School football camp.

The trio cooked and served food, as well as handed out LiveToBeSober.com t-shirts to “remind young people that they have the power to steer clear of drugs and alcohol.”

(There goes that snort again!)

Wickstrom’s Best Drug Rehabilitation donated $5,000 to support both the football camp and Monroe’s Arthur Lesow Community Center.

The site was developed for Wickstrom by Heather and Samual Harrington. Heather Harrington is currently the corporate Secretary of Wickstrom's Tranquility Detox, and the Cheraw, South Carolina-based web developer has registered hundreds of referral sites for Wickstrom and other Narconon-related drug facilities.

Miss Fortune, you may be asking, how can you know that with such certainty? 

Well, looky here: see what happens when you leave the development version of your WordPress "Medicom" theme site live online! Anybody can find it.

Try a little harder next time, eh?