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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best Drug Rehabilitation's Per Wickstrom Goes Fishing...But Miss Fortune Doesn't Take the Bait!

Wickstrom minion Mark Hergert sends "fishing expedition" email to your Miss Fortune

In 'Kahootz' with Per?

On Friday, April 5, Miss Fortune received an email from Mark Hergert, who described himself this way in his email signature:

Mark Hergert CEO | Managing Director
Auto Credit Financial Services
US Corporate Operations Division 
75-5737 Kuakini Hwy, Suite 202 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 USA
Toll Free: 866-554-8322
The email did not have a subject line, and was shunted over to my "Spam" folder.
Here's what Mr. Hergert wanted to know: 
Can you tell me what information you have about the facility or Per Wickstrom?

Oh, no, he didn't!

Your girl Miss Fortune was born at night, but not last night. I sent a response to Hergert, knowing who he was, just to see what he might say in return:


I'd be happy to answer your inquiry if you can provide some additional information about your request.

I see that you posted on Wickstrom's blog in November 2012 (or someone using your name), so I'd like to clarify your inquiry.

If you could help me out a bit--for example, is someone you know considering a stay at A Forever Recovery or Best Drug Rehabilitation--I can point you in the right direction.

Miss Fortune

It's now nearly 4:30pm, and the Hergster has not responded--what a surprise!
Would you like to meet Mark Hergert? Here he is!

Left: Mark Hergert, in front of a Best Drug Rehabilitation step-and-repeat banner

Here's how he describes himself on one of the two LinkedIn pages under his name ("Big Daddy" must have just forgotten the password):
  1. Interests

That's right, a self-described "certified alcohol" "drug intake counselor" and project director for new construction and consulting for alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilites.
Hergert is Per Wickstrom's personal construction project manager for the $700,000 renovation of a building on Jefferson Avenue in Mishawaka, Indiana. And yes, you guessed it, it's going to be a 'Best Drug Rehabilitation' center!
ST JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- A drug rehab facility is moving into a building on Jefferson Boulevard that has sat empty for five years. The facility will be hiring for all positions before opening in mid March 2013.
Theresa Kling, who has lived in Mishawaka for 49 years, is getting a new neighbor.

A new drug rehabilitation center is opening down the street.
"As long as it helps people out and they can rehabilitate themselves. Everybody makes mistakes and that so I think it's a good thing,” said Kling.

The rehab center is making use of the old Jefferson Family Pavilion.

The $700,000 renovation will give scores of patients a second chance.
"Everybody’s done things in their lives that they're not proud of and things like that. But everyone deserves a second chance,” said Kling.

A chance that the company's CEO is thankful to have received himself.

"When I was younger, and you know I had my own trials and tribulations with drugs and alcohol and I actually came to South Bend because my friends were in college here,” said Per Wickstrom, CEO Best Drug Rehabilitation.

His own personal experience means he knows first-hand how rehab can work.

His Michigan-based company's high rate of success proves it.

"We don't accept prisoners. We take people that are voluntary that want to get off drugs. We're not a court-ordered facility. We're an independent, voluntary facility that you actually have to pay for to get into,” said Wickstrom.

Employment is another way to get in. The company is hiring.

"From maintenance people to doctors, nurses, counselors, you name it. Cooks, dish washers, just a plethora of positions that are going to be available so we're going to be an asset for the community as far as employment goes,” said Project Manager Mark Hergert.

An asset that Kling hopes will improve the neighborhood for the future.
"It'll bring jobs to the area and then you know these people that are on the drugs that go in there, they'll come out more productive citizens,” said Kling.

They're planning on finishing up construction by mid-March.

Hey, Per, in  the words of that cray-cray Miss Kenya Moore, don't come for me unless I send for you!


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    I have spent a few hours reading all your shallow, mean and slanderous posts about multiple people in the community and frankly it is tasteless and your style of so called journalism is poor in quality and unsubstantiated to say the least.
    You are not a freelance writer at all… your only skill is researching the basic public information available to any person smart enough to log on to the internet, and then presto you spin it hard and lord behold you’re a freelance writer. Any moron can cut and paste. While you make personal judgment calls against others posting their names and pictures for all to see you hide behind your silly blogger name Identify yourself! so all your precious but few readers can see who you are.
    Do you have credibility in the trash you spew out? (NOT) I’m sure based on your ability to hide your identity that you most likely are a spineless jellyfish.
    But we know who you are. The world we live in is filled with evil people that really bring no good to the table if you really want to have a positive impact on others try doing some good. Based on your entire portfolio you completely overshot the runway.