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Friday, April 26, 2013


In case you missed this comment to my post Music. Money. David Hunter. Who's Conning Who?


David Hunter April 26, 2013 at 8:28 AM
This is David Hunter. I am sent a link to each tabloid you post. If you want a date just ask. I am sorry your life sucks so bad that you have nothing better to do then smoke cigs all day, sitting in your bathrobe and giggle because you think you are getting under my skin. You have just laid all the grounds for a law suit from several parties. You claim to be in collusion with a prosecutor too. If that is true great news! You are hiding under a rock so not to receive the restraining order waiting for you. At least I know who you are now. After I posted that I know who you are on my facebook, you mysteriously disappeared from my friends list. I have known who you are for awhile. Like I said, just ask for a date. Yes I know your vagine is sleeve of wizard but we'll work something out. I can order a donkey or something...

Miss Fortune a "tabloid", hiding from a "law suit" (what, like the one Denzel Washington wore in "Philadelphia"?) and a "restraining order".

Sounds like someone has his frilly knickers in quite a twist!

But what can else you expect from a person who thinks "circumscribed" is what happens at a bris! 


  1. Cant hide anymore lol. All you can do is blah blah blah. I talked with Mr. Sullivan. You claim he and Rick Coates read your blog religiously? He has never heard of your blog lol. You claim to be in collusion with the PA in TC? Perfect, carry on :)

  2. "Collusion": defined as a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. Sounds more like your style, David. Turn yourself in, why don't you? That warrant for your arrest isn't going away.

  3. All I have to do is wait :)

    Stay in your hole ground "hog". Im your shadow tick tock tick tick lol..

  4. Turn yourself in, David. Since you're such a "pro" at being a "con", our Prosecuting Attorney has his door open for you. Here's Mr. Cooney's phone number: (231) 922-4600.

    There's no expiration date on that felony warrant, dude.

  5. Bob Cooney in a state of collusion with a piece of bones dung hide and hair from the shasta ground sloth? NOW THAT IS A GOOD STORY :D

  6. Turn yourself in, David. Here's Mr. Cooney's phone number: (231) 922-4600.