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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Football Great Jim Brown "Interviewed" By Per Wickstrom...And Doesn't Kick His Ass!

A Forever Recovery and Per Wickstrom celebrate the launch of "Imagination Heals" in the Wilshire Room of the Beverly Hilton

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The following was likely written by one of Per's entertainment PR flacks at Enfluence Group in Los Angeles:




A Great Success

The launch of Imagination Heals occurred on February 22, 2013 with the celebration event. The event took place in the Wilshire Room of the Beverly Hilton, located in Beverly Hills, CA. The event was a great success for all of the coordinators, performers and celebrity guests. The celebration event was sponsored by Per Wickstrom and  A Forever Recovery, with the goal of promoting the wonderful healing power of art and imagination in children.

Working With Pacha’s Pajamas

The celebration event, which was hosted by Genevieve Goings, provided the opportunity for A Forever Recovery to work with Pacha’s Pajamas. The performance of Pacha’s Pajamas provided pop music and inspiration for children who are facing medical treatment. It was an opportunity to learn about the impact of performing arts, music and artistic endeavors on health.

Working with Pacha’s Pajamas was an experience that allowed A Forever Recovery to learn about the needs of children.  In keeping with the idea that imagination is a powerful aspect of healing, A Forever Recovery donated books and CDs from the musical to different hospitals.

Celebrity Appearances and Guests

At the launch of Imagination Heals, guests were able to see the live performance of Pacha’s Pajamas, listen to book readings and see awards given to those who have been instrumental in promoting the arts in healing. After the doors opened at 6:00 PM, guests began to arrive.

Among the celebrity guests who appeared at the event were the NFL Hall of Fame football player Jim Brown and his wife Monique. Their support and appearance at the event was noticed and greatly appreciated.

Other celebrity guests include former NFL star wide-receiver, Herman Moore and former gymnast Cathy Rigby. They are both inspirations in their fields and have shown strength in their athletic abilities. Their achievements show the impact of imagination and their presence at the celebration event was recognized.

All of the guests who offered support by coming to the launch of Imagination Heals are appreciated for their role in promoting the arts among children. The support will provide opportunities for children to explore art and music in hospitals while they are undergoing treatment. With the help of imagination, it is possible for children to enjoy activities in the hospital and incorporate holistic healing as part of their treatment.

Per Wickstrom, CEO of A Forever Recovery and other sponsors are thankful for the help and support of guests at the Imagination Heals launch celebration. Although the celebration provided the opportunity to work with Pacha’s Pajamas and get the program started, it is only the beginning. The next step is helping children in the hospitals around the country.

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