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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dr. Steven J. Ingersoll--Traverse City Optometrist/Real Estate Hustler--Multi-Faceted (MY-ASSETED) Bay City Renaissance Falls As Flat As David Beckham's Well-Muscled Abs

Here's the future home of a Steven Ingersoll's newest B&B--The E. B. Perry House, located at 2230 Center Avenue in Bay City. The picture (at left) was taken just this afternoon, and sent to Miss Fortune by one of her many tipsters.

Ingersoll received an OPRA (not that nice talk show lady; it stands for "Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act") tax exemption. The skids for the exemption were greased by Ingersoll's good friends in Bay City's municipal government, and allow Ingersoll to pay just 40 percent, rather than 100 percent, of the millage rate taxed on any improvements made at the building. 

In his application, Ingersoll claimed that he would invest $480,000 in property improvements. Earlier this month, Ingersoll stated during a Bay City Commission  meeting that he had fallen behind on his property taxes to the tune of nearly $30,000 so that he could redirect his funds to focus on the Center Avenue B&B conversion. ('B&B' must stand for bullshit and bluster!) Ingersoll is a former member of Bay City's Planning Commission, so he should know how this stuff works.

Well, Miss Fortune's Bay City source says all that it's hard to believe that the schleppy looking dumpster seen in the driveway could hold the debris from from even $4,800 worth of improvements, let alone $480,000!

Sure, there's a white panel truck often seen parked at the house, but it may be just a local vagrant stealing copper pipes.

Hard to believe this "B&B" will open on schedule in June.    

Left: Party favors, anyone?
(Corner of the lot egg carton--wonder if garbage will be the grand opening night theme?)

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