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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Forever Recovery?: Forever Bullshit! The Circle Jerk of Certification (or is that a PITA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)-tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

LEFT: A Forever Recovery's Executive Director Pamela Anderson's expired "Master Addiction Counselor"

Just what is the PITA Group, Inc.?

Not a round pocket bread, but a way to pick your pocket

Third in a series of Special Reports, only at GQU!

Well, you'd think someone bragging about her fake-ass fake credentials would at least use an up-to-date certificate!

While A Forever Recovery proudly displays Pamela Anderson's expired certificate on its web site, your girl Miss Fortune wondered just who is this PITA Group, Inc.? And is it true that PITA is just an acronym for "Pain In The Ass"?


Entity Summary Information


Legal Name
In Existence
Domestic Not For Profit Corporation
20 Apr 2007
Registered Agent Information
Claire Pinelli  
20 Apr 2007
6011 Walnut Glen Lane
McAlester OK  74501  

Pinelli, a former Narconon Arrowhead counselor, now works with her husband, Joe, at the Detox Institute in The Woodlands, Texas

Here's her bio, directly from the Institute's web site:


Claire Pinelli
     BA, MA, MAC, Diplomate of the Board, LADC, ICADC

Claire Pinelli has been a personal counselor and educator since 1973.  She has taught children of all ages [pre-school through college] in both the private and public sectors.  As and educator, Ms. Pinelli witnessed first hand the effects that alcohol and drugs [both illegal and prescribed] had on our young people; our future.  So in 2001 Mrs. Pinelli began specializing in treating alcohol and drug abuse. 

She has been the Senior Case Supervisor of a long term residential drug rehabilitation program in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead, which was servicing over 200 clients daily.  Her duties at Narconon Arrowhead included monitoring the quality of clinical delivery to each client as well as ensuring that the counselors were well trained professionals and capable of helping their clients beat addiction problems.

It became apparent to her that more well trained Alcohol and Drug Counselors were needed if the global epidemic was going to be confronted.  Mrs. Pinelli then decided she had to put her attention on training Alcohol and Drug Counselors so that they could better service the clients and produce more drug free individuals who would be able to go out and remain drug free and contribute to society.

While she continues working on the training of Alcohol and Drug Counselors she is now focusing her attention on assisting people to handle the physical effects drugs have had on them.  As the drugs and toxins remain in the individual’s body for years after cessation of use, Mrs. Pinelli has helped start, The Institute for Detoxification and Health in The Woodlands, Texas with other professionals in order to assist people in ridding their bodies of these poisons.  Once the body is free of these stored toxins the person will look and feel better both emotionally and physically.  This gives them a stable point from which they can continue their lives.

(Sexual assault, drug abuse, bankruptcy--money for nothin' and get your kicks for free)

The following McGregor career lowlights detailed below were compiled by Carnegie Mellon University's David Touretzky, a Research Professor in the Computer Science Department and Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition. They can be found at this link:

  • Kent McGregor was found to have "willfully, maliciously and intentionally sexually assaulted" a patient on July 16, 1987, for which he was found liable in the amount of one million dollars. McGregor's employer, Charter Counseling Center, was found negligent for having hired McGregor and failing to supervise him. The court noted that "Plaintiff presented evidence that members of Charter's staff ... knew of McGregor's past substance abuse problem and his lack of recent clinical experience following his treatment for substance abuse."
  • After leaving Charter, McGregor worked for CARF, the Committee on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities, and in 1992 was involved in the initial accreditation of Narconon Chilocco in Oklahoma, which later became Narconon Arrowhead.
  • McGregor later married a Narconon employee, and Kent and Jette McGregor moved to Europe for a while.
    Jette McGregor in 2004

  • Kent and Jette McGregor returned to Narconon Arrowhead as employees around 2002. 

  • McGregor's LinkedIn profile says he is an "FSM" at Narconon Arrowhead and PUR Detox. FSM (Field Staff Member) is a Church of Scientology term for a salesman who earns commissions. 


That two former Narconon shills and current Scientologists have come up with a sweet way to "certify" shaky addiction counselors and make bank?


Or that The PITA Group does not have the authority to certify anybody in anything?

Looks right.

Or that before you stick your peen in a hornet's nest and send a family member to A Forever Recovery, you'll want to do your own research.

Exactly!  In the meantime, the 'Forever Recovery' circle jerk continues.

(And by the way, PITA stands for Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Aftercare.)

And if you believe that, here's a bridge I'd like to sell you.  It's in Brooklyn.

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  1. That bridge in Brooklyn you are offering looks a lot safer than the L Ron Hubbard scientology narconon and A.B.L.E organizations that are listed on the Organization chart of scientology international. I say this because I have personally known 2 individuals who were members of such organizations who attempted suicide.